How To Sight In Your Compound Bow

Sighting in your compound bow can be one of the trickiest things when it comes to archery.  It requires patience at first, as it can get very boring and tedious and failure is always possible.  However by following these simple steps you will have your bow sighted in, in no time.

1. Set a time and day, if you can’t shoot in your backyard, then make an appointment at a range

2. Buy the sight.  You can get a pretty decent compound bow hunting sight for about $40.

3. Mount the sight to the bow.  Most sights come with instructions how to do this, if you need help watch this video

4. Make sure all pins are set to the center

5. Set up the target and mark the distances

6. Set the first 20 yard pin.  Shoot the bow and keep in mind where the arrow landed.  If t landed left then adjust the sight right and vice versa.

7. Repeat step 6 with the 30 and 40 yard pin.

8.Finally make sure that you are getting at least 3″ groups each time.


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